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@elonmusk @pikaso_me screenshot this

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ツイノートは、Twitterのスレッドをまとめるサービスです。まとめたいスレッドの最後のスレッドに「@twinotes まとめて」と返信するとまとめが作成されます


ColorOS @colorosglobal
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ColorOS + OPPO =

Michael Kofman @KofmanMichael
2187862022-03-26 00:48:46

Interesting statements in this piece. I may have confirmation bias here based on earlier predictions, but suggests Russian focus will be the JFO in the Donbas & taking as much of the Donbas as possible. https://t.co/LFOhbmUegT

Igor Sushko @igorsushko
1706142022-03-28 11:11:10

If this is an accurate retelling of what Medvedev said, and I have no reason to doubt @McFaul - this is a direct message to the West by Medvedev against the Putin regime, consistent with the #FSBletters. It may be somewhat subtle on its face. This is a public revolt against Putin https://t.co/8UYd2W6LSR

Igor Sushko @igorsushko
43710862022-04-27 06:12:09

🧵My translation of the 16th #FSBletters from the #WindofChange inside the FSB to Vladimir Osechkin. Dated 4/12. Topics: #Ramzan #Kadyrov, #Russia #Nukes, Coming up in Russia: total collapse or civil war, and much more Kadyrov! Please share far & wide.

Kevin Rothrock @KevinRothrock
112530732022-03-28 01:58:35

Zelensky says Ukrainian forces are still in control of part of Mariupol. He’s told them they can retreat if they see a way to do so and survive, but the troops insist on remaining, until they can leave with their dead and wounded. https://t.co/Q4pd3VUDfd

Igor Sushko @igorsushko
73617462022-03-15 18:44:12

🧵My translation of the 6th #FSBletters in the series from #WindofChange inside the FSB to Vladimir Osechkin. Written March 13th. Highly time-sensitive information of what to expect from Putin in the coming days. The text is over 1500 words.

Michael Kofman @KofmanMichael
6128195352022-03-01 04:37:56

Long thread about how I think the first 96 hours have gone, still very early/incomplete impressions. The initial Russian operation was premised on terrible assumptions about Ukraine’s ability & will to fight, and an unworkable concept of operations. Moscow badly miscalculated. 1/

Thomas de Waal @Tom_deWaal
9290202552022-02-28 23:52:11

1 “The resolution of the Ukraine question.” A mistakenly published Russian article gives us a chilling insight into the neo-imperialist thinking in Russia that drives Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. A (long) THREAD.

A lot of footage is being posted online of Russian military movements along the Ukrainian border. We’re working with the #OSINT community to document, verify & map this information. You can find our map of verified movements here: https://t.co/2uqsSML5Qe

Igor Sushko @igorsushko
112428522022-03-11 05:51:18

🧵My translation of the 4th letter in the series from an active FSB analyst to Vladimir Osechkin. Written March 9th. As consequential as the 1st translated letter. Buckle up for a long thread and definitely please share far & wide. The text is over 1200 words.

Gonzalo Lira @GonzaloLira1968
44913312022-04-30 18:43:18

Consider this map of a possible future Ukraine, and let's take on the point of view of Putin, the Kremlin and Russia. What would be Russia's preferred outcome? What would they like to see three years from now? 1/12

Igor Sushko @igorsushko
80615832022-04-09 16:41:28

🧵🚨URGENT: 15th #FSBletters from the #WindofChange inside the FSB to Vladimir Osechkin. Dated 4/8. Message to the people of Russia and regional FSB offices to anticipate impending domestic terror false flag attacks on Russian civilian infrastructure by the Russian government.

Michael Kofman @KofmanMichael
121645182022-04-23 22:22:52

I’ve been traveling and not writing much these past two weeks. Some brief thoughts about the second phase of the war, Russia’s offensive to retake the Donbas, and implications. Thread. (map from Nathan below). 1/

Polina Ivanova @polinaivanovva
136434302022-03-26 01:53:37

Russia's military held a big briefing this afternoon, announcing the war was entering a 'second phase'. Here's a summary of how Russia, at this point in the war, is depicting what it set out to do, why, and where we're at. (relaying their words, pls don't shoot msnger)

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Igor Sushko @igorsushko
193841742022-03-22 12:47:13

🧵🚨My translation of the 11th #FSBletters from the #WindofChange inside the FSB. Subjects: Poland + Ukraine. Dated 3/21, that's today, & URGENT. Please share far & wide. I will add clarification comments inside parenthesis where necessary. Let's start:

RAI!K @creepyrayx555
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https://t.co/6sgghivYap これは怖すぎ。これからは絵師さんのイラストだけいいねしておこ。(過去のいいねにあんまり意味はありません。またリツイートはしますがこれは他人への速報代わりです。)

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Igor Sushko @igorsushko
62714332022-03-27 06:53:13

🧵My translation of the 12th #FSBletters from the #WindofChange inside the FSB to Vladimir Osechkin. Dated 3/26 - TODAY. Please share far & wide.

Igor Sushko @igorsushko
36911442022-04-20 15:03:48

🧵My translation of the 17th #FSBletters from the #WindofChange inside the FSB to Vladimir Osechkin. Dated 4/18. Topics: Global food shortage, luring Ukraine to counter-attack Russia, impending mass-cleansing of the General Staff, Odessa, chaos surrounding the missing & economy.